Details on NIKIIE’s new album ‘Equal’ revealed

15 Dec


The details on NIKIIE’s new album, “Equal“, have been revealed.

“Equal” is NIKIIE’s 2nd full album that’s slated for release on January 30th. It will feature a total of 13 tracks, including tie-up songs “Canaria“, “Namidaboshi“, “Duty Friend“, and “Everytime“. It will also contain “LIGHT“, which was used as the CM song for the illumination

event ‘Hikaru no Oukoku‘, as well as “Un Deux Trois!” and “Hero:“, which were performed during the singer’s live tour “NIKIIE LIVE TOUR 2012 ‘CHROMATOGRAPHY’“. The limited edition DVD will come with 5 PVs.

To coincide with the album’s release, NIKIIE will hold a live tour starting in spring. For this tour, there will be 3 acoustic sets, “NIKIIE ACOUSTIC TOUR 2013 ‘Equal’“, and 3 concerts with a band, “NIKIIE LIVE TOUR 2013 ‘Equal’“.

Take a look at the track list for “Equal” below!



01. Introduction
02. Morning in the dark
03. Darlin’
04. Un Deux Trois!
05. Canaria
07. Mother’s cry
08. Duty Friend
09. mannequin
10. Hero:
11. Namidaboshi
12. Everytime
13. From me to you

Limited Edition DVD:
01. Canaria
02. Namidaboshi
03. Duty Friend
04. Everytime
05. Morning in the dark

Source & Image: natalie


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