IU To Make A Comeback Spring 2013

15 Dec


Dec 15, 2012 :

After releasing her single “Spring Of A Twenty Year Old,” which she never promoted or did activities for this past May, IU will be making her official comeback sometime in March or April of 2013.

It’s been revealed that the flourishing artist plans to participate in promotional activities for this album. The last time IU released a full-length album was November of last year with her second album “Last Fantasy.”

IU’s agency stated that in preparation for her comeback next year, they will be making their focal point the concept of “coming-of-age.” Next year will mark her fourth year since her debut with hit tracks in her career such as “Good Day” and “You and I” lighting her path to fame. She promises to show the same characteristic energy and spirit but show something more mature in her lyrics and music. Even though IU has had many offers to participate in dramas, she is solely focusing on her next album her agency stated.

Author note : iu has just released her new song(ost), atreia for an online game.
click for more details : https://jpopnews93.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/iu-aion-ost-character-layout-atreia/

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