Tanaka Miho & soccer player Inamoto Junichi announce their marriage

16 Dec


Tanaka Miho & soccer player Inamoto Junichi announce their marriage


On December 15th, model Tanaka Miho (29) and soccer player Inamoto Junichi (33), who plays forKawasaki Frontale, announced their marriage on their official blog and website.

According to the source, they have not decided anything about the wedding ceremony and reception party at this moment, and Tanaka is not pregnant.

Below is the translations for the comments both Tanaka and Inamoto released.


“Hello, everyone, this is Tanaka Miho.

This is so sudden, and is a private matter, but please allow me to announce that I have registered my marriage with soccer player Inamoto Junichi-san on December 13th of 2012.

It’s been 2 years since we started dating.

He is a wonderful person with a kind and big heart. I was very attracted to his stance on work, and personality.

We have had a talk with each other that both of us wanted to stay together happily forever, and registered our marriage.

Owing to our personal circumstances, I am sorry for making announcement like this little late.

We would like to continue supporting each other, and try harder to work.

Though we are still inexperienced, please continue to support us.

Tanaka Miho

On December 13th, I have registered my mariage with a model Tanaka Miho-san.

I’m sorry for this sudden announcement.

I wish I was able to make this announcement after winning today’s game….

She has always been supporting me despite her busy schedule!

I wished to cherish her for the rest of my life, thus we registered our marriage.

Please continue to support Inamoto who now has a family, next season as well!!!


Source & Image: MANTAN WEB


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